Entry: Graphic Developers: Things to consider Apr 18, 2017

With the numerous of jobs filling up nearly all enterprisers' "To Do" list, it seems that many lesser tasks - like acquiring a logo - get postponed until the last minute. That's many business owners realize how crucial finding the right graphic designer is to getting their company's logo.

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Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you're looking around for a graphic design firm, be it traditional or online:


Dued to the fact that many small business owners are tight for funds to start with, locating a design service that offers reimbursement to dissatisfied customers is a must. Nothing can be so frustrating as spending countless hours working with a design team to get proofs on a logo design, and end up with a logo that isn't in any way what you envisioned. Confirm the firm you choose has a money back guarantee.

Ample Resources.

Since small business owners that go to an ad agency commonly go only needing a logo design, many agencies won't dedicate a large amount of time and resources working on that account. This means they will seldom if ever assign greater than one person to work on your logo design. Freelance designers usually work solo too.
Whenever practical, find an agency that assigns more than just one creator to your job. Look at online design services like LogoWorks.com that offer at minimum two designers on every project. The additional mind will give you added creativity, and you're more likely to really like the design concepts they offer. We suggest avoiding 'bargain' sites like fiverr.com because of the finished products we've seen over the years.

What is the revision process ?

Most logo design firms will change your logo for no extra cost as it is part of the development process, but, depending on what you negotiate or what your design plan is, you could find yourself paying out your ears for each and every round of alterations. Look for a company that will give you unlimited revisions at no additional cost.


A good design firm will supply you an exact deadline by which you should expect to see their work. Always learn how long it will take them to come up with first concepts, and look into how long each modification should take. Don't take the chance of hiring a firm that takes weeks on end for art.

Professionalism and reliability.

Even though harder to identify, do all you can to determine if the agency is professional in its methods. ask if the company uses clipart or if they generate custom graphic design. Make sure they provide the master vector (.AI.EPS) files. Also, ask the number of clients they have provided services to and how many would certainly recommend them to another person.

Extra options.

Do they provide additional products? After you have your logo, you'll most likely want to do something with it. It will save you a headache if you've chosen an agency that can design your envelopes, business cards, business website, catalogs and ads. It's even better if they will put your logo on shirt, stickers, mugs and hats for you.

Follow our suggestions and your logo design process ought to be a pleasure rather than a headache, and good chance you will save a bunch of money and time in the process.

At Fusion Marketing we take branding your business personally because our success is contingent on yours. Our in-house graphic design staff has decades of combined experience and has worked with clients from most every industry. Contact us if you're looking for a logo that will stand up against time. We will gladly provide our portfolio and client references so you can see what they have to say.

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