Jul 11, 2017
Top 10 Tactics to Market Your Auto Repair Shop

Most auto repair shops offer terrific services when it comes to fixing cars, but when it comes to marketing their firm they are out of their element. As we all know, every company needs effective marketing and advertising in order to succeed. This means that considerable campaigns will have to be placed on marketing your auto repair shop in order to sustain a business that is profitable. You may also concentrate the marketing attempts both on looking for some new customers who can start doing business with your auto repair shop and also keeping your current customers satisfied so that they can continue taking advantage of your services. In case you run an auto repair shop and would like to make use of all the available opportunities since this is a very competitive business, take into account these ten easy and useful ways to promote your auto repair shop. 1. Treat Your Customers well One of the best ways of drawing in customers to your auto repair shop is by word of mouth. Most often, Individuals will ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbors for suggestions when it comes to auto repair services. When you treat the clients well, it is obvious they will advertise your shop by telling other people about your good services. These suggestions will bring in good business for you on a consistent basis. 2. Website Your company will necessitate a website since most people search online for such services. The website will incorporate information on the location of the shop, the services you offer, pricing, hours, email signup and business contact information. The website content should be optimized for SEO so that when somebody looks for auto repair services within the Greater Detroit area, your auto repair business will show up among the first results. 3. Email Newsletters You should really come up with a distribution list from your customers and also those who go to and sign up in your website to get special deals from your shop. You can send periodic newsletters to your email distribution list in order to advise all your potential clients to select your auto repair shop whenever they need your services. The emails might contain information such as coupons, customer satisfaction stories and the special offers you are currently running. 4. Social Media You can create social media accounts to help you connect with your with your potential and current clients. Use a Twitter account, a Facebook page or Instagram to make your client know whenever you are running a certain deal, promoting business trends and also to allowing folks share the wonderful experiences they have had with your auto repair shop. This will allow your future customers to get a good feel of the services you make available as well keeping your auto repair business on the minds of the current customers until the next time they need your services. 5. Following Up With Your Old Customers Online marketing is wonderful and it will amplify your client base, but you should also focus on some easy, traditional marketing. In case some of your clients have not been around for some time, you can call to check on them, and also provide them a free check up the next time they come to your shop. 6. Strategic Alliances Seeking out non-competing business with the same target market and passing business between each other is also one more form of powerful marketing. If you are a general repair auto shop you can refer business to a glass and windshield replacement business and also have them do the same. Once this technique is done in a correct way it becomes a win-win for each of the businesses. 7. Local Flyers Printing a handful of flyers and having them distributed in your community can also be an efficient way of advertising and getting new clients. The best way to do this is to give a special offer to the potential customers which will be very difficult to refuse. marketing strategies for auto repair shops 8. Sending Holiday Cards To Old Customers The holiday season is one of the best times to bring folks together and also remind your clients of your existence in the event they need help in auto repairs. So create a witty and interesting holiday card that will put a smile on your customer's faces. 9. Oil Change And Check Up Reminder You can invest in your patrons by sending them frequent reminders to get their cars checked up or get their car oils changed. This is very easy to do since it is done auto-magically using your email software. 10. Online Review Sites Or Directories Make certain that you cue your customers to leave you favorable reviews on your social media pages or your Google reviews page. These treasured reviews will create a very strong buzz and also give you trust for anyone who reads it. In conclusion, you can begin doing just about everything listed above today. Digital signage is less expensive and a lot easier than you think. And digital displays come loaded with some amazing features that make enlightening and captivating your customers seamless.

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